Poor Jux. Seems like nobody wants to hangout with him. He's the one to the right.

Here's another picture to prove the point. Sitting by himself acting like a goofball trying to make a friend. Poor poor man. Then again it might help for people to see him if he wasnt knee high to Papa Smurf.

But in this one we can see why he may be kinda shy. A long time ago he was retarded and used to have episodes whenever he got around other people.

Time went one and he was thrown into a school for idiots and after 5 years of drool cups and masterbating he graduated at the "bottom" of his class(cause he's so short).

Nowadays when he's not in chat he practices his favorite old pastime of blow spinners and dreaming about his next worldly conquest. Last i heard it was trying to grow to a height above 4 feet tall. Good luck buddy.